Our first SwimCalm Beginner class success!

While I have had the privilege of teaching a Beginner course before and acting as an assistant in a couple of other Beginner classes, SwimCalm finally held its own Beginner class under its own banner!

It continues to amaze and thrill me each time the mysteries of the water are unlocked for another fearful swimmer and watching that swimmer (and yes, everyone is a born swimmer) expand, experiment and grow more confident by the moment.

Fear of the water is very, very real and needs a different level and type of teaching attention. Standard swimming lessons are wonderful and reach many people, however, a fearful swimmer is not going to magically overcome this fear and begin swimming across the pool simply by teaching a stroke or to close eyes, place face in the water and blow bubbles. 

SwimCalm in Charleston is here to stay.  Our next class will be held from January 28- February 1.  That allows time to finish the course, travel home and recover before returning to work or activities on Monday morning. 

Please join us as we launch a new class of born swimmers and assist in healing fear of the water.