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"Just put your face in the water and relax.  Anyone can do it. Learn to swim one stroke and you'll be fine."

If it was that easy, there would be no need for SwimCalm. We believe in delivering a quality program for the lowest cost to our students. Some programs charge double or triple our cost for the same results, dictating other terms as well.  We believe in giving students freedom and taking you as far as you can go over the course of our class. We do not hold you back and insist that you return for another session, unless you choose to. We live in one of the most beautiful small cities in the USA and wish to share our city with you, when not in the water.

Have you  experienced this?  

You walk into an adult swimming class, nervous and not certain that you wish to be there. This is one of several attempts at swimming lessons that you have undertaken over the years and you think about how nice it would be to finally feel at home in the water and join in family and social events that take place in or around the water.

A young instructor tells everyone to get into the pool.  You are going to begin with a very simple skill that evening, a front float.  Everyone else goes into a front float and several begin moving arms and legs in a coordinated motion.  Just like last time, you already feel left behind as you struggle to get comfortable with your face in the water, waiting for that feeling of water in your nose and throat.  Floating with everyone else isn't going to happen because you sink and the instructor tells you to make your legs stay up on the surface.  You are very uncomfortable, you feel tight, your body does not know how to pick your legs up off the bottom and you are not happy and wondering why everyone else is progressing while you struggle.  You are convinced that you cannot swim, everyone else can swim but you cannot.  You leave that evening, disappointed once again, frustrated and more fearful than ever.  You may not go back. Even if you do,  it's terribly frustrating and non-productive for you.

At SwimCalm, We get it.  We will never tell you to relax. We will never insist that you learn one stroke and you'll be fine.  That's not how we work. We work with you, at your pace and at your comfort level.  How's that for a change?

What if an instructor understood your nervousness and panic when dealing with the water?What is that instructor knew how to help you and knew exactly what you needed and what questions you wished to ask?  What if that instructor didn't force you to keep up with the class; you were free to work at your own pace with someone to assist you anytime you wished?

That's how a SwimCalm class works. We give you the 1000 bits of information that no one ever told you about the water.  They prove invaluable and swimming begins to make sense and becomes very achievable. Suddenly, water is not nearly as scary anymore.

July, 2015: A student attended her final session and said "I cannot believe that anyone could teach me to swim and heal my fear of water. I was so amazed and excited at what I had done that I went out and bought a pool!"

A husband and wife took our Beginner course and asked to have a "What Comes Next?" class scheduled so they could come back. One has gained SCUBA certification and the other is taking snorkeling lessons. They choose their hotels now in large part based on the pool and going for a swim while traveling.

From Kathleen Wilson, principal instructor of SwimCalm:

SwimCalm has given me the opportunity to give of my experiences.  It is an opportunity to back down from the rigors of life for a few days to serve as your guide for your own personal and amazing journey as your conquer fear of the water and embrace an exciting and new chapter of your own lives as swimmers.