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Our favorite quote of 2017:

"Aside from my marriage license, this is the best money I have ever spent!"

Have you dreamed of becoming comfortable enough in the water to exercise or swim for fun?  How about a water aerobics class or playing games in the pool with children or grandchildren? Would you like spend an afternoon on a boat without dreading the water? Can you rest as calmly in deep water as in shallow water?

For adults with hesitation, to a moderate fear to a complete panicked fear of the water, there is now a system of teaching designed for you.  We do not insist that you “Relax, get in up to your waist, put your face in the water and blow bubbles” or “Learn one stroke and you will get over your fear.”

For adults with any degree of fear in the water, this message does not work, in fact it is counter-productive.  That is why many traditional swimming programs have failed for so many adults. It is impossible to relax when worried about what will occur through the experience. If learning to swim was a matter of simply relaxing for a fearful adult, it would have been accomplished it much earlier in life. Learning how the water works and moving calmly in the water must take place before stroke mechanics can ever occur.  We know that managing fear is not the answer.  We work within basic psychological factors attached to fear, however we are not trained therapists.

Kathleen Wilson, primary SwimCalm instructor has considerable aquatic experience and certifications as she chooses to serve a segment of the population that has not been underserved; it has not been served at all. 

SwimCalm is dedicated to the high percentage of adults who experience some fear to a profound fear of the water and teaching them about its properties while learning how to feel safe in the water. We help to eliminate the fear that in some cases has followed our students for a lifetime. SwimCalm classes are vastly different from traditional lessons in that classes are small, students control the pace of the classes, no student is ever pressured into attempting any skill and the entire premise is to have fun while demystifying the water.  There are no exams and there is no skill checklist.  Because of this, SwimCalm has an extremely high success rate with students who attend the course with a money-back guarantee.

The Beginner course includes 16-17 hours worth of instruction, broken down into eight, 2 or 2.5-hour sessions. We like to add a little extra time on Saturdays and students seem to love it!  Some sessions begin with some time to reinforce teaching principles of SwimCalm, answer questions and share information, followed by a 2 hour session in the pool.  Students must commit to attendance at all sessions in order to receive the best result from the class and most are thrilled at every session and opportunity to go back and grow more comfortable in the water. 

References for this amazing teaching paradigms are available and for further information or questions, please contact Kathleen Wilson at 843-708-0846 or 

Get ready to experience something profound that will change your life, improve your health and give the ability to share in the beauty of the water.




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