Is SwimCalm for you?  Take this quick, five question test to determine your level of need.

Please use a scale of 1-5:

 1  Not at all, no ability

2   Limited ability

3   Moderate ability

4   Fairly good ability

5  Good to excellent ability

Our five questions:

A   How comfortable are you with your face fully submerged in the water? 

B    How comfortable are you with an unassisted front float?

C   How comfortable are you with an unassisted back float?

D   How comfortable are you in deep water defined as anything over your head?

E    Are you able to take a breath when needed?

Let's add your score:

20+ = You are likely a traditional swim lesson student

13-19 = SwimCalm could help you with misconceptions and especially deep water fears. You likely have some big gaps in knowledge.

0-12= Get yourself to the next SwimCalm class.  It was meant for you. Fear can be a thing of the past.