Why SwimCalm and is SwimCalm for you?

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How does SwimCalm differ from traditional swimming lessons?

SwimCalm is a program designed for students who have a fear of the water.  The Beginning Course is designed for students to become fully comfortable with faces in the water and achieving ease in shallow water.  Many students progress to the deep water and begin gaining confidence and freedom in the deeper water as well.  There is no set of expected skills in any SwimCalm course and students progress at an individual pace.  There are no tests and no pressure to keep up with other students and achieve skills at a group pace.  Through allowing students to move at an individual pace, students find that they achieve a higher level of comfort and personal success without the pressures associated with traditional swimming classes and instructors.

What are your core principles?

SwimCalm instructors believe that:

1. It should not cost thousands dollars to sign up, pay a class fee and then pay for travel, hotel and meals. SwimCalm is affordable.

2. While we have teaching principles that assist in your success, we are not counselors or therapists.  Our students want to learn water comfort, not spend hours on the pool deck discussing past bad swim experiences. We reinforce core elements of SwimCalm but keep it practical and useful. We understand that your first priority is water time, not talking about it.

3. We are experienced and we get results. We also listen to your feedback and over the years have made adjustments to our material as per our students needs and desires. We have acquired the skills to watch and determine how best and most effectively we can assist you. Tell us what works best for you. Flexibility and adaptation make SwimCalm different from traditional lessons or other fearful adult programs.  We are not so set in our ways that we cannot adapt something to YOU!

4.  We don't hold you back.  Other swim courses will only share a certain amount of material.  At SwimCalm, we don't believe in that system. If you excel, we cheer you on and keep teaching.

5. We empower you. We don't overbook classes. We bring body and mind to a restful and comfortable place so that you can thrive.

6. No mark-ups, no hidden charges.  One class fee, you are done.

Sounds too good to be true……

The system works due to our teaching method that we adhere to.   We give you all the details about the water that traditional lessons fail to address. we never push a student into an uncomfortable situation and we make the water a great place to be.  We are very confident in our teaching.

How does a vacation class work?

This is an opportunity for students, especially those who do not live locally, to experience the full beginner class in a time condensed manner.  We realize that many students are traveling and incurring travel costs, taking time off from work and making a substantial sacrifice to attend this course.  We wish to make the best use possible of your time and accomplish this through two sessions daily, each session three hours in length.  We do take one half day session, finding that students truly need an afternoon off to absorb the tremendous learning that has taken place and get some well-earned rest.  For visitors to Charleston, it is an excellent opportunity to explore the city and see why we are one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Our sessions are 2 or 2.5 hours in length with the some time devoted to reinforcing the teaching parameters of our course, answering questions and continuing to give student's new ways to approach old problems. The bulk of our time is spent  in-water time,  exploring and growing in confidence all while having fun and moving at an individual pace.  We may play a few group games from time to time but much of the water time is spent at each student’s discretion.  The two hours fly by and by the end of the day, many hours of learning and exploring have taken place.  Students often comment that they are ready to rest for the evening but have a high level of exhilaration and in many cases, joy at what they have accomplished that day. 

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend that students bring two swimsuits so that there is always a dry suit available.  A swim cap is great, especially for women with longer hair.  Goggles make learning even easier and if purchasing a pair, it’s best to purchase a top brand such as Speedo, Nike or TYR.  Several towels are a good idea, again simply to have a dry towel ready to go following a session. SwimCalm provides wetsuit tops should a student feel that the water is too chilly for them.

Don’t worry!  We are ready to assist you with these items should you need us!

How can you offer your class at a lower cost than other fearful adult learn to swim programs?

SwimCalm instructors realize that students' commitment is a large one.  Those taking any of our classes take time away from work, family and other obligations to attend, and for those who travel to Charleston,  lodging and meal costs. We have overhead costs but SwimCalm is committed to providing excellent instruction at the lowest possible cost.  The city of Charleston is a wonderful partner, providing pool space at a reasonable rental fee so we pass along those savings to you, the student.